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Mayo, Andrew - Transforming Engagement, Happiness and Well-Being, ebook

Transforming Engagement, Happiness and Well-Being

Mayo, Andrew


What are Engagement, Happiness and Well-Being?
William Scott-Jackson, Andrew Mayo
3. PACE: The Process of Active Committed Enthusiasm
William Scott-Jackson, Andrew Mayo
4. How to Maximise Individual Propensity for Active Committed Enthusiasm

Bullivant, Lucy - 4D Hyperlocal: A Cultural Toolkit for the Open-Source City, ebook

4D Hyperlocal: A Cultural Toolkit for the Open-Source City

Bullivant, Lucy


4D Hyperlocal: A Cultural Tool Kit for the Open-source City
The evolution of digital tools is revolutionising urban design, planning and community engagement. This is enabling a new ‘hyperlocal’ mode of design made possible by geolocation technologies and GPS-enabled mobile devices

Dolcini, Pietro J. - Dry Clutch Control for Automotive Applications, ebook

Dry Clutch Control for Automotive Applications

Dolcini, Pietro J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Part I. Mechanical System and Comfort Requirements
2. Powertrain
3. Clutch Comfort
Part II. Dry Clutch Engagement Control
4. Synchronization Assistance
5. Optimal Standing-start
6. Clutch Friction and Torque Observer
7. Experimental Results and Control Evaluation

Boyd, David - Understanding the Construction Client, ebook

Understanding the Construction Client

Boyd, David


Most construction management books focus on improving the construction process; this one focuses on a better engagement with the client. It challenges conceptions of both the construction industry and clients' businesses so that a more effective process and greater

Lyons, Rebecca E. - The Academic Book of the Future, ebook

The Academic Book of the Future

Lyons, Rebecca E.


Strategic Engagement and Librarians
Neil Smyth
10. Academic Libraries and Academic Books: Vessels of Cultural Continuity, Agents of Cultural Change
Kate Price
Part IV. Booksellers
11. Selling Words: An Economic History of Bookselling
Jaki Hawker