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Davim, J. Paulo - Machining of Complex Sculptured Surfaces, ebook

Machining of Complex Sculptured Surfaces

Davim, J. Paulo


Table of contents
1. Flank Milling of Complex Surfaces
D. Olvera, A. Calleja, L. N. López de Lacalle, F. Campa, A. Lamikiz
2. 5-Axis Flank Milling of Sculptured Surfaces
Johanna Senatore, Frédéric Moniès, Walter Rubio
3. High Performance 5-Axis Milling of Complex Sculptured Surfaces
Yaman Boz, S.

Roy, Krishnendu - Biomaterials as Stem Cell Niche, ebook

Biomaterials as Stem Cell Niche

Roy, Krishnendu


Engineering ECM Complexity into Biomaterials for Directing Cell Fate
Sarah E. Stabenfeldt, Ashley Carson Brown, Thomas H. Barker
2. Functional Biomaterials for Controlling Stem Cell Differentiation
Ameya Phadke, Chien-Wen Chang, Shyni Varghese
3. Integration

Garipcan, Bora - Advanced Surfaces for Stem Cell Research, ebook

Advanced Surfaces for Stem Cell Research

Garipcan, Bora


The book outlines first the importance of Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM), which is a natural surface for most of cells. In the following chapters the influence of biological, chemical, mechanical, and physical properties of surfaces in micro and nano-scale on stem cell behavior are discussed

Reinhart-King, Cynthia A. - Mechanical and Chemical Signaling in Angiogenesis, ebook

Mechanical and Chemical Signaling in Angiogenesis

Reinhart-King, Cynthia A.


Table of contents
1. Mechanical and Chemical Regulation of Arterial and Venous Specification
Thomas N. Sato
2. Mechanosensory Pathways in Angiocrine Mediated Tissue Regeneration
Sina Y. Rabbany, Bi-Sen Ding, Clemence Larroche, Shahin Rafii
3. Microfluidic Devices for Quantifying the Role of Soluble Gradients

Eversheim, Walter - 100 Jahre Produktionstechnik, ebook

100 Jahre Produktionstechnik

Eversheim, Walter


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Teil 1. Die Geschichte des WZL von 1906 bis 2006
2. Die erste Generation im WZL: Adolf Wallichs (1906–1936)
Cornelia Kompe
3. Die zweite Generation im WZL: Herwart Opitz (1936–1973)
Cornelia Kompe
4. Die dritte Generation im WZL: Walter Eversheim, Wilfried König,

Wang, Yuanzhi - Education Management, Education Theory and Education Application, ebook

Education Management, Education Theory and Education Application

Wang, Yuanzhi


Table of contents
1. The Research on Supplement of Glutamine in Sports
Dunhai Wang, Yubo Han, Ancun Jiao
2. Innovative Practices of IC Design and Application Courses
Jianping Hu, Yinshui Xia, Haiyan Ni, Lunyao Wang
3. Relationship between the Academic Achievement and Social Responsibility for Teachers in University

Aifaoui, Nizar - Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems—III, ebook

Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems—III

Aifaoui, Nizar


Engineering Change Management (ECM) Methods: Classification According to Their Dependency Models
Mahmoud Masmoudi, Patrice Leclaire, Marc Zolghadri, Mohamed Haddar
116. Analytical Modeling and Analysis of a Bimorph Piezoelectric Energy Harvester