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Mannhold, Raimund - Molecular Drug Properties, ebook

Molecular Drug Properties

Mannhold, Raimund


All the chapters are written by experienced drug developers and include practical examples from real drug candidates. Following an introduction to global drug properties and their impact on

Sneader, Walter - Drug Discovery: A History, ebook

Drug Discovery: A History

Sneader, Walter


Written by a leading authority with an excellent reputation and ability for writing a good narrative, Drug Discovery: A History is a far cry from simply a list of chemical structures.
This lively new text considers the origins, development and

Gad, Shayne Cox - Drug Discovery Handbook, ebook

Drug Discovery Handbook

Gad, Shayne Cox


The Drug Discovery Handbook gives professionals a tool to facilitate drug discovery by bringing together, for the first time in one resource, a compendium of methods and techniques

Lednicer, Daniel - New Drug Discovery and Development, ebook

New Drug Discovery and Development

Lednicer, Daniel


A case history approach to drug synthesis and discovery
Discover the origins of some of today’s most popular drug therapies. Explore case histories and gain insight into major classes of antibiotics, antiviral drugs,

Folkers, Gerd - Chemoinformatics in Drug Discovery, ebook

Chemoinformatics in Drug Discovery

Folkers, Gerd


This handbook provides the first-ever inside view of today's integrated approach to rational drug design. Chemoinformatics experts from large pharmaceutical companies, as well as from chemoinformatics service providers and from academia demonstrate what can be achieved today by harnessing