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Laszlo, Pierre - Communicating Science, ebook

Communicating Science

Laszlo, Pierre


Table of contents
Part I. Addressing Peers
1. Guidelines
2. Genres
Part II. The General Public
3. Guidelines
4. Genres
Part III. Decision Makers
5. Genres

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Walter, Robert - Whole Body Interaction with Public Displays, ebook

Whole Body Interaction with Public Displays

Walter, Robert


A Field Study on Communicating Interactivty
Robert Walter
6. Visual Attention Analysis
Robert Walter
7. A Field Study on Visualizing Gesture Hints
Robert Walter
8. A Field Study on Mid-Air Item Selection
Robert Walter
Part IV. Conclusion

Verghese, Karli - Packaging for Sustainability, ebook

Packaging for Sustainability

Verghese, Karli


Marketing and Communicating Sustainability
Helen Lewis, Helaine Stanley
4. Complying with Regulations
Helen Lewis
5. Applying Life Cycle Assessment
Karli Verghese, Andrew Carre
6. Packaging Materials
Karli Verghese, Enda Crossin, Margaret

Emmitt, Stephen - Construction Communication, ebook

Construction Communication

Emmitt, Stephen


Communicating the design intent, from initial briefing through the design stage and on to the actual construction is vital to the success of any building project. This book looks at communication across physical, organisational and cultural barriers with a view to improving the design and

Colombo, Sara - Dynamic Products, ebook

Dynamic Products

Colombo, Sara


Table of contents
1. Communicating by Products: From Sensory Features to Digital Interfaces
Sara Colombo
2. Merging Digital and Physical: Tangible Interactions
Sara Colombo
3. The Emerging Area of Dynamic Products
Sara Colombo
4. Exploring Dynamic Products by Case Studies
Sara Colombo
5. Exploring