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Uneyama, Kenji - Organofluorine Chemistry, ebook

Organofluorine Chemistry

Uneyama, Kenji


These molecules are of interest across the wide spectrum of industrial and academic organic chemistry, so that organofluorine chemistry is economically highly important.
Organofluorine Chemistry

Fenniri, Hicham  - Combinatorial Chemistry: A Practical Approach, ebook

Combinatorial Chemistry: A Practical Approach

Fenniri, Hicham


Combinatorial Chemistry is a genuine practical guide covering all the major areas of combinatorial chemistry from an experimental and conceptual point of view. Being one of the most powerful of modern technologies, combinatorial chemistry

Reschetilowski, Wladimir - Microreactors in Preparative Chemistry, ebook

Microreactors in Preparative Chemistry

Reschetilowski, Wladimir


To begin with, the knowledge necessary for the preparative chemistry concerning the influence of the so-called microeffects on the reaction procedure and on mass and heat transfer as well as the surface phenomena are provided in detail. Next, practical aspects of the

Tiec, Yannick Le - Chemistry in Microelectronics, ebook

Chemistry in Microelectronics

Tiec, Yannick Le


This book is about the chemistry involved in the semiconductor industry, comprising five chapters detailing topics relevant to chip manufacturing, from fundamentals to applications.

Yasuda, Nobuyoshi - The Art of Process Chemistry, ebook

The Art of Process Chemistry

Yasuda, Nobuyoshi


Providing must-have knowledge for the pharmaceutical industry and process chemists in industry, this ready reference offers solutions for saving time and money and supplying -- in a sustainable way -- valuable products. Application-oriented and well structured,…