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Kerner, Boris S. - Breakdown in Traffic Networks, ebook

Breakdown in Traffic Networks

Kerner, Boris S.


The Reason for Incommensurability of Three-Phase Theory with Classical Traffic Flow Theories
Boris S. Kerner
9. Time-Delayed Breakdown at Traffic Signal in City Traffic
Boris S. Kerner
10. Theoretical Fundamental of Transportation Science—Breakdown

Burguillo, Juan C. - Self-organizing Coalitions for Managing Complexity, ebook

Self-organizing Coalitions for Managing Complexity

Burguillo, Juan C.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Juan C. Burguillo
Part I. Background
2. Complex Systems
Ivan Zelinka, Juan C. Burguillo
3. Complex Networks
Juan C. Burguillo
4. Cellular Automata
Juan C. Burguillo
5. Multi-agent Systems
Juan C. Burguillo
6. Self-organization
Juan C. Burguillo

Chaki, Nabendu - Computer Networks & Communications (NetCom), ebook

Computer Networks & Communications (NetCom)

Chaki, Nabendu


The Fourth International Conference on Networks & Communications (NETCOM-2012): Adhoc and Sensor Networks
1. Perspectives of Sybil Attack in Routing Protocols of Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Manu Sood, Amol Vasudeva
2. A Jini Based Implementation for Best Leader

He, Xingui - Computer, Informatics, Cybernetics and Applications, ebook

Computer, Informatics, Cybernetics and Applications

He, Xingui


Design and Applications of Third Party Integrated Information Security Management System
Yuefeng Fang, Xiaoyong Wang, Fei Gao
40. A Protocol for a Message System for the Tiles of the Heptagrid, in the Hyperbolic Plane
Maurice Margenstern
41. Monitoring