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Badra, Mohamad - New Technologies, Mobility and Security, ebook

New Technologies, Mobility and Security

Badra, Mohamad


An Adaptive Approach to Optimize Software Component Quality Predictive Models:Case of Stability
Danielle Azar, Doina Precup
26. Transport Information Collection Protocol with clustering of information sources
Mohamed Karim SbaÏ, Chadi Barakat
27. Virtual

Jeong, Young-Sik - Ubiquitous Information Technologies and Applications, ebook

Ubiquitous Information Technologies and Applications

Jeong, Young-Sik


A Study on Sound Reproduction for Adaptive Mixed-Reality Space
Ho-Jin Lee, Ji-Woong Park, Soon Il Kwon, Jong-Weon Lee, Sung-Wook Baik
61. A Study on the Resource Management against Availability Attacks in Cloud Computing
Sung-Min Jung, Jun-Kwon Jung, Tae-Kyung