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Fellows, Richard F. - Research Methods for Construction, ebook

Research Methods for Construction

Fellows, Richard F.


This new edition of a valued guide for construction students will: instil rigour into your problem solving and the production of reports and publications is one of the few books to provide guidance on research formulation, methodologies, and

Brand, Oliver - Micro Energy Harvesting, ebook

Micro Energy Harvesting

Brand, Oliver


With its inclusion of the fundamentals, systems and applications, this reference provides readers with the basics of micro energy conversion along with expert knowledge on system electronics and real-life microdevices.
The authors address different aspects of energy harvesting at the

Venkataraman, Ray R. - Cost and Value Management, ebook

Cost and Value Management

Venkataraman, Ray R.


Cost and Value Management in Projects provides practicing managers with a thorough understanding of the various dimensions of cost and value in projects, along with the factors that impact them, and the managerial approaches that would be most effective for achieving cost efficiency and

Shimabukuro, F. I. - The Essence of Dielectric Waveguides, ebook

The Essence of Dielectric Waveguides

Shimabukuro, F. I.


Propagation Characteristics of Guided Waves Along a Dielectric Guide
4. Planar Dielectric Waveguides
5. Circular Dielectric Waveguides
6. Elliptical Dielectric Waveguides
7. Approximate Methods
8. Inhomogeneous Dielectric Waveguides

Lesas, Anne-Marie - The Art and Science of NFC Programming, ebook

The Art and Science of NFC Programming

Lesas, Anne-Marie


Such a standard enables us to do mobile transactions (mobile payment) in a secure way along with many other information- based tap’n play operations. This book has a double role for computer scientists (from bachelor students in CS to IT professionals).

Rosen, Milton J. - Surfactants and Interfacial Phenomena, ebook

Surfactants and Interfacial Phenomena

Rosen, Milton J.


Updated and revised to include more modern information, along with additional three chapters on Surfactants in Biology and Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Surfactants, and Molecular Modeling with Surfactant Systems, this is the premier text on the properties and

Harvey, Linda - Practical Fermentation Technology, ebook

Practical Fermentation Technology

Harvey, Linda


Once the lab is equipped, the issues of fermentation media, preservation strains and strain improvement strategies are documented, along with the use of mathematical modelling as a method for prediction and control. Broader questions such as scale-up and scale down,