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Davim, J. Paulo - Tribology of Nanocomposites, ebook

Tribology of Nanocomposites

Davim, J. Paulo


Table of contents
1. Tribology of Bulk Polymer Nanocomposites and Nanocomposite Coatings
M. D. Bermúdez, F. J. Carrión, C. Espejo, J. Sanes, G. Ojados
2. Nano and Micro PTFE for Surface Lubrication of Carbon Fabric Reinforced Polyethersulphone Composites
Jayashree Bijwe, Mohit Sharma
3. Tribology of MoS2-Based

Nosonovsky, Michael - Green Tribology, ebook

Green Tribology

Nosonovsky, Michael


Green Tribology, its History, Challenges, and Perspectives
Michael Nosonovsky, Bharat Bhushan
2. Lotus Versus Rose: Biomimetic Surface Effects
Michael Nosonovsky, Bharat Bhushan
3. Self-Organization at the Frictional Interface
Michael Nosonovsky,

Luo, Jianbin - Advanced Tribology, ebook

Advanced Tribology

Luo, Jianbin


Temperature-Dependent Rheology and Tribology of Lubrication Greases Investigated with New Flexible Platform for Tribological Measurements on A Rheometer
Jörg Läuger, Patrick Heyer
25. Study on Characteristic Parameters of Wear Particle Boundary

Sinha, Sujeet K. - Nano-tribology and Materials in MEMS, ebook

Nano-tribology and Materials in MEMS

Sinha, Sujeet K.


Biomimetic Inspiration Regarding Nano-Tribology and Materials Issues in MEMS
Ille C. Gebeshuber
3. Nanotribology and Wettability of Molecularly Thin Film
Yufei Mo, Liping Wang
4. Mechanical Properties and Deformation Behavior of Ni Nanodot-Patterned

Menezes, Pradeep L. - Tribology for Scientists and Engineers, ebook

Tribology for Scientists and Engineers

Menezes, Pradeep L.


Tribology of Engineering Materials
6. Tribology of Metals and Alloys
Sudeep P. Ingole
7. Tribology of Ceramics and Ceramic Matrix Composites
Prasanta Sahoo, J. Paulo Davim
8. Tribology of Metal Matrix Composites
Pradeep K. Rohatgi, Meysam Tabandeh-Khorshid,

Wen, Shizhu - Principles of Tribology, ebook

Principles of Tribology

Wen, Shizhu


Professors Wen and Huang present current developments in tribology research along with tribology fundamentals and applications, including lubrication theory, lubrication design, friction mechanism, wear mechanism, friction control, and their applications.