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Adams, Mike - Lee de Forest, ebook

Lee de Forest

Adams, Mike


Table of contents
1. Born to Invent
Mike Adams
2. The Race for Wireless
Mike Adams
3. The Meaning of the Audion
Mike Adams
4. California Days
Mike Adams
5. Radio’s Arrival
Mike Adams
6. Phonofilm, The Promise

Lee, T. W. - Aerospace Propulsion, ebook

Aerospace Propulsion

Lee, T. W.


Aerospace propulsion devices embody some of the most advanced technologies, ranging from materials, fluid control, and heat transfer and combustion. In order to maximize the performance, sophisticated testing and computer simulation tools are developed…

Lee, HoSung - Thermoelectrics: Design and Materials, ebook

Thermoelectrics: Design and Materials

Lee, HoSung


Thermoelectrics: Design and Materials
HoSung Lee, Western Michigan University, USA
A comprehensive guide to the basic principles of thermoelectrics
Thermoelectrics plays an important role in energy conversion and electronic temperature control. The book comprehensively

Lee, Gary - Advances in Automation and Robotics, Vol. 2, ebook

Advances in Automation and Robotics, Vol. 2

Lee, Gary


Table of contents
1. Automatic Reasoning Technology Based on Secondary CBR
Haobin Shi, Wenjie Dong, Linquan Yang, Zhujun Yu
2. Experiments with Adaptable Multimodal User Interfaces for Mobile Devices
Andreas Truar, Norbert Kuhn
3. A New Receiver for the Data Traffic of the EDEG System under High Speed Environments

Lee, Gary - Advances in Automation and Robotics, Vol.1, ebook

Advances in Automation and Robotics, Vol.1

Lee, Gary


Table of contents
Part I. Intelligent Control and Robotics and Automation
1. Formal Description of 3D Semi-tunnel Component
Enke Hou, Zhihua Zhang, Xiaoxia Luo
2. Application of Neural Networks to the Correction of a Stiffness Matrix in a Finite Element Model
Zhong Yang, Haifei Si
3. Passive Ranging Based

Lee, Gary - Advances in Computational Environment Science, ebook

Advances in Computational Environment Science

Lee, Gary


Table of contents
1. A Case Study of Karstic Collapse Columns Delimitation in Coal Mine by GIS Spatial Analysis
Jinhui Luo, Yongguo Yang, Yuhua Chen
2. Development Trend of the Coal Bed Exploration Type Division
Wei Ying-chun, Jia Zong-kai,…