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Bondorf, Nadine - Profession und Kooperation, ebook

Profession und Kooperation

Bondorf, Nadine


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Nadine Bondorf
2. Theoretische Grundlegung
Nadine Bondorf
3. Fragestellung und Methoden der empirischen Untersuchung
Nadine Bondorf
4. Anlage, Aufbau der Studie
Nadine Bondorf
5. Kumulative…

Wolf, Edward L. - Understanding the Nanotechnology Revolution, ebook

Understanding the Nanotechnology Revolution

Wolf, Edward L.


A unique introduction for general readers to the underlying concepts of nanotechnology, covering a wide spectrum ranging from biology to quantum computing.
The material is presented in the simplest possible way, including a few mathematical equations, but not mathematical derivations.

Islam, M.R. - Peak Energy: Myth or Reality?, ebook

Peak Energy: Myth or Reality?

Islam, M.R.


Does the Earth contain enough oil to provide energy for the human race indefinitely? If not, how long will the oil last? What about renewable energy technologies like wind and solar? Will they be able to supply an indefinite supply of energy for the human…