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Goel, Ashok K - Biologically Inspired Design, ebook

Biologically Inspired Design

Goel, Ashok K


The AskNature Database: Enabling Solutions in Biomimetic Design
Jon-Michael Deldin, Megan Schuknecht
3. A Natural Language Approach to Biomimetic Design
L. H. Shu, Hyunmin Cheong
4. A Thesaurus for Bioinspired Engineering Design
Jacquelyn K. S.

Brecher, Christian - Industrial Internet of Things, ebook

Industrial Internet of Things

Brecher, Christian


Integration of a Knowledge Database and Machine Vision Within a Robot-Based CPS
Ulrich Berger, Kornelius Wächter, Alexandros Ampatzopoulos, Janny Klabuhn
10. Interoperability in Smart Automation of Cyber Physical Systems
Daniel Schilberg, Max Hoffmann,

Du, Zhenyu - Intelligence Computation and Evolutionary Computation, ebook

Intelligence Computation and Evolutionary Computation

Du, Zhenyu


The Analysis of Grid Database Technology in the Computer Application System
Juan Chen
30. Study of Smart Warehouse Management System Based on the IOT
Wen Ding
31. Design and Implementation of Visual C + + Based Digital Image Processing System