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Flusser, Jan - Moments and Moment Invariants in Pattern Recognition, ebook

Moments and Moment Invariants in Pattern Recognition

Flusser, Jan


Moments as projections of an image’s intensity onto a proper polynomial basis can be applied to many different aspects of image processing. These include invariant pattern recognition, image normalization, image registration, focus/ defocus measurement, and watermarking. This book presents

Sawyer, Stephen W. - In Search of the Liberal Moment, ebook

In Search of the Liberal Moment

Sawyer, Stephen W.


Rethinking the French Liberal Moment: Some Thoughts on the Heterogeneous Origins of Lefort and Gauchet’s Social Philosophy
Noah Rosenblum
5. “The Best Help I Could Find to Understand Our Present”: François Furet’s Antirevolutionary Reading of Tocqueville’s

Virdi, Surinder Singh - Construction Science and Materials, ebook

Construction Science and Materials

Virdi, Surinder Singh


Construction Science & Materials is designed to cover topics studied at levels 2 – 5 on Construction HND courses and is also suitable for first year undergraduates on construction courses as well as Building surveying, Architectural Technology and…

Smith, Paul - Structural Design of Buildings, ebook

Structural Design of Buildings

Smith, Paul


Covering common problems, likely failures and their remedies, this is an essential on-site guide to the behaviour
of a building’s structure. Presented in a clear structure and user-friendly style, the book goes through all the structural aspects…

Wu, James C. - Elements of Vorticity Aerodynamics, ebook

Elements of Vorticity Aerodynamics

Wu, James C.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
James C. Wu
2. Theorems of Helmholtz and Kelvin
James C. Wu
3. Vorticity Kinematics
James C. Wu
4. Vorticity Kinetics
James C. Wu
5. Vorticity-Moment Theorem
James C. Wu
6. Classical Aerodynamics
James C. Wu
7. Unsteady Aerodynamics