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Leeuw, Evelyne de - Healthy Cities, ebook

Healthy Cities

Leeuw, Evelyne de


Healthy Cities in the Eastern Mediterranean: From Sanitation to Comprehensive Policy
Nastaran Keshavarz Mohammadi, Mohammad Assai, Samar ElFeky
8. Healthy Municipalities, Cities and Communities in Latin America: Strong Histories, Committed Futures

Scharrer, Inge - 37<Superscript>th</Superscript> Hemophilia Symposium, ebook

37th Hemophilia Symposium

Scharrer, Inge


Novel Variants in VKORC1 — the Target Protein of Cumarin-Type Anticoagulants — in Rodents from Warfarin-Resistance Areas in Europe, Asia and America
S. Rost, H. -J. Pelz, A. Fregin, M. Hünerberg, C. R. Mueller, J. Oldenburg
60. Recombinant Expression and