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Edgar, Simon - Essential Simulation in Clinical Education, ebook

Essential Simulation in Clinical Education

Edgar, Simon


This new addition to the popular Essentials series provides a broad, general introduction to the topic of simulation within clinical education. An ideal tool for both teaching and learning, Essential Simulation in Clinical Education provides a theoretical

Hellaby, Mark - Healthcare Simulation in Practice, ebook

Healthcare Simulation in Practice

Hellaby, Mark


This book is intended as a resource for all those involved in simulation-based healthcare education within the hospital environment, either within a dedicated simulation learning area or in-situ in the practice area. The basic principles will also be

Davis, Mike - How to Teach Using Simulation in Healthcare, ebook

How to Teach Using Simulation in Healthcare

Davis, Mike


How to Teach Using Simulation in Healthcare provides an ideal introduction and easy-to-use guide to simulation in medical education.  Written by a team of experienced medical educators, this practical text – packed full of case examples and tips –

Forrest, Kirsty - Healthcare Simulation at a Glance, ebook

Healthcare Simulation at a Glance

Forrest, Kirsty


Healthcare Simulation at a Glance presents an accessible overview of everything you need to know about simulation in clinical practice and healthcare education.
From embedding simulation in programmes, to technical

Owen, Harry - Simulation in Healthcare Education, ebook

Simulation in Healthcare Education

Owen, Harry


Early Examples of Simulation in Training and Healthcare
Harry Owen
3. Simulation in Medical Science
Harry Owen
4. Simulation in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Midwifery
Harry Owen
5. Simulators and Teaching Aids Used in Teaching Medicine