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Lee, Elisa T. - Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis, ebook

Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis

Lee, Elisa T.


an easy-to read introduction to survival analysis which covers the major concepts and techniques of the subject.” —Statistics in Medical Research
Updated and expanded to reflect the latest developments, Statistical Methods for Survival Data

Lesaffre, Emmanuel - Bayesian Biostatistics, ebook

Bayesian Biostatistics

Lesaffre, Emmanuel


Through examples, exercises and a combination of introductory and more advanced chapters, this book provides an invaluable understanding of the complex world of biomedical statistics illustrated via a diverse range of applications taken from epidemiology, exploratory clinical studies, health promotion

Morton, Anthony - Statistical Methods for Hospital Monitoring with R, ebook

Statistical Methods for Hospital Monitoring with R

Morton, Anthony


Hospitals monitoring is becoming more complex and is increasing both because staff want their data analysed and because of increasing mandated surveillance.  This book provides a suite of functions in R, enabling scientists and data analysts working

Grün, Sonja - Analysis of Parallel Spike Trains, ebook

Analysis of Parallel Spike Trains

Grün, Sonja


Pair-Correlation in the Time and Frequency Domain
Jos J. Eggermont
6. Dependence of Spike-Count Correlations on Spike-Train Statistics and Observation Time Scale
Tom Tetzlaff, Markus Diesmann
7. Spike Metrics
Jonathan D. Victor, Keith P. Purpura

Piantadosi, Steven - Clinical Trials: A Methodologic Perspective, ebook

Clinical Trials: A Methodologic Perspective

Piantadosi, Steven


Readers will encounter the principles of design for various types of clinical trials, and are then skillfully guided through the complete process of planning the experiment, assembling a study cohort, assessing data, and reporting results. Throughout the process, the

Lawson, Andrew B. - Statistical Methods in Spatial Epidemiology, ebook

Statistical Methods in Spatial Epidemiology

Lawson, Andrew B.

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Spatial epidemiology is the description and analysis of the geographical distribution of disease. It is more important now than ever, with modern threats such as bio-terrorism making such analysis even more complex. This second edition of Statistical