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Kushner, Robert - Practical Manual of Clinical Obesity, ebook

Practical Manual of Clinical Obesity

Kushner, Robert


This accessible guide to obesity and its clinical management provides clear, didactic, clinically focused guidance for all healthcare professionals involved in the treatment and management of patients with obesity, thus acting as a repository of essential

Williams, Gareth - Obesity: science to practice, ebook

Obesity: science to practice

Williams, Gareth


This comprehensive textbook addresses one of the major public health concerns of our era – obesity. Clearly and simply, Obesity: science to practice provides a balanced, coherent account of obesity: how to

Blackstone, Robin P. - Obesity, ebook


Blackstone, Robin P.


Table of contents
1. Epidemiology, Measurement, and Cost of Obesity
Robin P. Blackstone
2. Prejudice, Discrimination, and the Preferred Approach to the Patient with Obesity
Robin P. Blackstone
3. The Biology of Weight Regulation and Genetic ResettingTM
Robin P. Blackstone
4. The Biology of Adipose

 - Obesity and Overeating: Research Fundamentals, ebook

Obesity and Overeating: Research Fundamentals


With the increasing worldwide incidence of obesity and the resulting increase in metabolic disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some cancers, an understanding of the multitude of factors that contribute to obesity is crucial for researchers

Barnett, Tony - Obesity and Diabetes, ebook

Obesity and Diabetes

Barnett, Tony


Obesity has become the most common chronic disease of the present day, with significant increases in prevalence in populations across the world and all age groups. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in obesity-related metabolic and cardiovascular

Lustig, Robert H - Obesity Before Birth, ebook

Obesity Before Birth

Lustig, Robert H


Known Clinical Epigenetic Disorders with an Obesity Phenotype: Prader–Willi Syndrome and the GNAS Locus
Merlin G. Butler
7. Evidence for Epigenetic Changes as a Cause of Clinical Obesity
Graham C. Burdge, Karen A. Lillycrop
8. Epigenetic Changes Associated

Mantzoros, Christos S. - Obesity and Diabetes, ebook

Obesity and Diabetes

Mantzoros, Christos S.


Diagnosing Obesity, Diabetes Mellitus, and Insulin Resistance Syndrome
Diana Barb, Christos S. Mantzoros
9. Metabolic Syndrome
Rochelle L. Chaiken, Mary Ann Banerji
10. Obesity, Diabetes, and Hypertension
Anjanette S. Tan, Stephen A. Brietzke,

Freemark, Michael S. - Pediatric Obesity, ebook

Pediatric Obesity

Freemark, Michael S.


The Obesity Epidemic: A Global Perspective
1. Childhood Obesity in the Modern Age: Global Trends, Determinants, Complications, and Costs
Michael Freemark
Part II. Hormonal and Metabolic Control of Appetite, Fat Deposition,