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Faber, William R. - Imported Skin Diseases, ebook

Imported Skin Diseases

Faber, William R.


Global movement of people leads to the global movement of disease
International travel enables skin diseases to move around the world with increasing ease. Skin diseases transmitted through casual contact with people, animal vectors and a foreign…

Costa-Font, Joan - Reforming Long-term Care in Europe, ebook

Reforming Long-term Care in Europe

Costa-Font, Joan


Offers the very latest analysis of long-term care reform agendas in EuropeCompares countries comparatively less studied with the experiences of reform in Germany, the UK, Netherlands and SwedenEach chapter focuses on a key question in the policy debate in each country

Andrä, Wilfried - Magnetism in Medicine: A Handbook, ebook

Magnetism in Medicine: A Handbook

Andrä, Wilfried


Written by well-known specialists from Germany, USA, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands and Scandinavia, the result is a manual for researchers in this field as well as for those who apply modern methods based on magnetism in medical practice. It equally provides a detailed

Birnbacher, Dieter - Giving Death a Helping Hand, ebook

Giving Death a Helping Hand

Birnbacher, Dieter


Table of contents
Part I. Physician-Assisted Suicide and Public Policy
1. Should Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Legalized?
Gerald Dworkin
2. Slippery Slopes and Physician-Assisted Suicide
Neil Levy
3. Physician-Assisted Suicide and the Medical Associations
Dieter Birnbacher
4. Safe, Legal, Rare?

Battin, Margaret Pabst - Ending Life : Ethics and the Way We Die, ebook

Ending Life : Ethics and the Way We Die

Battin, Margaret Pabst


The last ten years have seen fast-moving developments in end-of-life issues, from the legalization of physician-assisted suicide in Oregon and the Netherlands to furor over proposed restrictions of scheduled drugs used for causing death, and the development of "NuTech"