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Bergenstal, Richard M. - Staged Diabetes Management, ebook

Staged Diabetes Management

Bergenstal, Richard M.


Key changes include: Integration of incretin hormones in the basic pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes; Incretin mimetics and potentiators; Revised clinical decision paths with new medications and advanced insulin algorithms; New section on continuous glucose

Zacks, Shelemyahu - Stage-Wise Adaptive Designs, ebook

Stage-Wise Adaptive Designs

Zacks, Shelemyahu


Written by an eminent statistician who has a strong working knowledge of all the key areas in statistics that make use of adaptive designs, this book presents the theory and methodology of stagewise adaptive designs in all applicable fields of statistics. The book

O'Brien, Liz - District Nursing Manual of Clinical Procedures, ebook

District Nursing Manual of Clinical Procedures

O'Brien, Liz

From 39,70€

The comprehensive and evidence-based content provides essential information for competence in key areas of district nursing."
—From the Foreword, by Rosemary Cook CBE, Hon D Lett, MSc, PG Dip, RGN Director, The Queen's Nursing Institute
Clinical skills

Wood, Duncan J. - Techniques in Complete Denture Technology, ebook

Techniques in Complete Denture Technology

Wood, Duncan J.

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It sets out the ideal properties of complete dentures, and provides the reader with techniques for achieving these when carrying out any stage in the production process. Procedures are clearly set out in step-by-step format and fully illustrated with clinical photographs.

Hickson, Mary - Research Handbook for Health Care Professionals, ebook

Research Handbook for Health Care Professionals

Hickson, Mary


From conceiving an idea for a project to writing up the findings for publication, the book offers an overview of each stage plus hints and tips, recommendations for further reading and examples spanning a wide range of health professions.

The book comprises

Edmonds, Michael E. - Managing the Diabetic Foot, ebook

Managing the Diabetic Foot

Edmonds, Michael E.

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Therefore visual recognition of presenting clinical signs is absolutely key for a successful diagnosis and subsequently, the right management programme. 
The 3rd edition of Managing the Diabetic Foot once again provides a practical, handy and accessible pocket

Kelly, John - Principles of CNS Drug Development: From Test Tube to Patient, ebook

Principles of CNS Drug Development: From Test Tube to Patient

Kelly, John


This title acts as a primer, giving students and newcomers to the field an opportunity to learn about the breadth of the CNS drug discovery and the various stages in the drug discovery process–from evaluating drugs for their efficacy and safety in animals and humans to identifying