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Esteller, Manel - DNA Methylation, Epigenetics and Metastasis, ebook

DNA Methylation, Epigenetics and Metastasis

Esteller, Manel


How CpG Island Hypermethylation Leads to Cancer Dissemination: The Sounds of Silence for Tumor and Metastasis Suppressor Genes
Manel Esteller
2. A Mouse Skin Multistage Carcinogenesis Model That Unmasks Epigenetic Lesions Responsible for Metastasis

Szyf, Moshe - DNA Methylation and Cancer Therapy, ebook

DNA Methylation and Cancer Therapy

Szyf, Moshe


CpG Island Hypermethylation of Tumor Suppressor Genes in Human Cancer
Michel Herranz, Manel Esteller
7. The Loss of Methyl Groups in DNA of Tumor Cells and Tissues
Alain Niveleau, Chandrika Piyathilake, Adriana Capoa, Claudio Grappelli, Jean-Marc Dumollard,

Fairman, David - Negotiating Public Health in a Globalized World, ebook

Negotiating Public Health in a Globalized World

Fairman, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David Fairman, Diana Chigas, Elizabeth McClintock, Nick Drager
2. Issue Framing: Making Your Concerns a Global Priority
David Fairman, Diana Chigas, Elizabeth McClintock, Nick Drager
3. Managing the Negotiation Process
David Fairman, Diana Chigas, Elizabeth McClintock,

Filloux, Alain - Pseudomonas, ebook


Filloux, Alain


Glycosylation Islands of Pseudomonas Species
Amrisha Verma, Reuben Ramphal
2. Physiology And Metabolism
3. Styrene, an Unpalatable Substrate with Complex Regulatory Networks
Livia Leoni, Giordano Rampioni, Elisabetta Zennaro
4. Degradation of o-Xylene

Hamdi, Moustapha - Vertical Scar Mammaplasty, ebook

Vertical Scar Mammaplasty

Hamdi, Moustapha


The Lower Island Flap (LIFT) Mastopexy
Dennis C. Hammond
Section III. Surgical Techniques of Vertical, Short and Inverted-T Scars
15. Vertical Scar and Short Scar Mammaplasty: Surgical Technique and Evolution
Jamil Ahmad, Frank Lista
16. Vertical