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Kuhnke, Elizabeth - Increase Your Influence In A Day For Dummies, ebook

Increase Your Influence In A Day For Dummies

Kuhnke, Elizabeth


Many people want to gain trust or support in business and throughout life, but the true skill is doing so in a charming fashion! Whether you're convincing the boss about your much-deserved promotion or a busy restaurateur to offer a better table, the ability to influence those around you

Burckhardt, Peter - Nutritional Influences on Bone Health, ebook

Nutritional Influences on Bone Health

Burckhardt, Peter


The Hormonal Milieu in Obesity and Influences on the Trabecular, Cortical, and Geometric Properties of Bone
Sue A. Shapses, Deeptha Sukumar
5. Emerging Nutritional and Lifestyle Risk Factors for Bone Health in Young Women: A Mixed Longitudinal Twin Study

Sandars, John - ABC of Patient Safety, ebook

ABC of Patient Safety

Sandars, John


This brand new title in the popular ABC series offers an up-to-date introduction on improving patient safety in primary and secondary care. The ABC of Patient Safety covers an area of increasing importance in healthcare and provides a clear description of the underlying principles that

Biernacki, Claire - Dementia: Metamorphosis in Care, ebook

Dementia: Metamorphosis in Care

Biernacki, Claire


Practitioners are advised on what is needed from them in order that they can positively influence the lives of those living with dementia. The importance of the role of professional carer and the responsibility they carry regarding whether or not care improves,

Galea, Sandro - Macrosocial Determinants of Population Health, ebook

Macrosocial Determinants of Population Health

Galea, Sandro


What Level Macro? Choosing Appropriate Levels to Assess How Place Influences Population Health
Theresa L. Osypuk, Sandro Galea
20. Integrative Chapter: Methodologic Considerations in the Study of the Macrosocial Determination of Population Health

Lopez, Russell P. - The Built Environment and Public Health, ebook

The Built Environment and Public Health

Lopez, Russell P.


The Built Environment and Public Health explores such timely issues as:
Basics of the built environment and evidence for its influences
How urban planning and public health intersect
How infrastructure improvements can address chronic diseases and conditions
Meeting the challenges of natural

Decety, Jean - New Frontiers in Social Neuroscience, ebook

New Frontiers in Social Neuroscience

Decety, Jean


The Group Mind: The Pervasive Influence of Social Identity on Cognition
Jay J. Bavel, Leor M. Hackel, Y. Jenny Xiao
5. Development + Social Selection in the Emergence of “Emotionally Modern” Humans
Sarah B. Hrdy
6. On Faces, Gazes, Votes, and Followers: