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Ie, Amanda - The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness, ebook

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness

Ie, Amanda


The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness brings together the latest multi-disciplinary research on mindfulness from a group of international scholars, in a comprehensive  2-volume setExamines the origins and key theories of the two dominant Western approaches to mindfulnessCompares, contrasts, and integrates insights

Pumariega, Andres J - Suicide Among Diverse Youth, ebook

Suicide Among Diverse Youth

Pumariega, Andres J


Suicide Among Eastern European Immigrant Youth
Aida Spahic-Mihajlovic, Alekhya Buddhavarapu, Neha Sharma
12. Suicide Among Youth of Soviet-Jewish Origin
Dina Goldstein Silverman
13. Suicide and Self-Harm Among Sexual and Gender Minority Youth: Resilience,

Anbar, Ran D - Functional Respiratory Disorders, ebook

Functional Respiratory Disorders

Anbar, Ran D


Table of contents
1. What Is a Functional Respiratory Disorder?
Ran D. Anbar, Howard R. Hall
2. Functional Aspects of an Organic Respiratory Disorder: Cystic Fibrosis
Dewey G. Meyers, Ran D. Anbar
3. Chest Pain
Dilip R. Patel
4. Dyspnea
Douglas N. Homnick
5. The Habit Cough Syndrome and Its

Jones, Raya A. - Jungian and Dialogical Self Perspectives, ebook

Jungian and Dialogical Self Perspectives

Jones, Raya A.


Re-Examining the Concept of ‘Self’: Insights from a Comparative Analysis of Dialogical and Eastern Perspectives of Self
Isaac Cherian, Shaima Ahammed
12. Jung and Miki: Similarities and Differences
Shoji Muramoto
13. The Cosmology of Inner Speech: