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Lee, Elisa T. - Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis, ebook

Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis

Lee, Elisa T.


an easy-to read introduction to survival analysis which covers the major concepts and techniques of the subject.” —Statistics in Medical Research
Updated and expanded to reflect the latest developments, Statistical Methods

Lin, Simon M. - Methods of Microarray Data Analysis, ebook

Methods of Microarray Data Analysis

Lin, Simon M.


Gene Expression Data and Survival Analysis
Peter J. Park
4. The Needed Replicates of Arrays in Microarray Experiments for Reliable Statistical Evaluation
Sue-Jane Wang, James J. Chen
5. Pooling Information Across Different Studies and Oligonucleotide

Woolson, Robert F. - Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Biomedical Data, ebook

Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Biomedical Data

Woolson, Robert F.


The new edition adds a chapter on multiple linear regression in biomedical research, with sections including the multiple linear regressions model and least squares; the ANOVA table, parameter estimates, and confidence intervals; partial f-tests; polynomial regression; and analysis of covariance.
* Organized by problem rather

Johnson, Timothy P. - Handbook of Health Survey Methods, ebook

Handbook of Health Survey Methods

Johnson, Timothy P.


A comprehensive guidebook to the current methodologies and practices used in health surveys
A unique and self-contained resource, Handbook of Health Survey Methods presents techniques necessary for confronting challenges that are specific to health survey research. The handbook guides

Morton, Anthony - Statistical Methods for Hospital Monitoring with R, ebook

Statistical Methods for Hospital Monitoring with R

Morton, Anthony


Hospitals monitoring is becoming more complex and is increasing both because staff want their data analysed and because of increasing mandated surveillance.  This book provides a suite of functions in R, enabling scientists and data analysts working

McClish, Donna K. - Statistical Methods in Diagnostic Medicine, ebook

Statistical Methods in Diagnostic Medicine

McClish, Donna K.

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This book provides a comprehensive account of statistical methods for the design and analysis of diagnostic studies, including sample size calculations, estimation of the accuracy of a diagnostic test, comparison of accuracies of competing diagnostic