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Chanson, Philippe - Hormones and Social Behaviour, ebook

Hormones and Social Behaviour

Chanson, Philippe


Table of contents
1. Modules, Minds and Morality
M.D. Hauser, L. Young
2. Brain Mechanisms Theoretically Underlying Extremes of Social Behaviors: The Best and the Worst
Elena Choleris, Martin Kavaliers, Donald W. Pfaff
3. Serotonergic Modulation of Sex and Aggression
Berend Olivier, Johnny S.W. Chan,

Petronis, Arturas - Brain, Behavior and Epigenetics, ebook

Brain, Behavior and Epigenetics

Petronis, Arturas


Champagne, James P. Curley
11. Toward an Understanding of the Dynamic Interdependence of Genes and Environment in the Regulation of Phenotype
Ian C. G. Weaver
12. Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors: A Novel Therapeutic Approach for Cognitive Disorders

Wilson, Ted - Nutrition Guide for Physicians, ebook

Nutrition Guide for Physicians

Wilson, Ted


Champagne, George A. Bray
21. Eating Disorders: Disorders of Under- and Overnutrition
Kelly C. Allison
22. Obesity: Understanding and Achieving a Healthy Weight
George A. Bray, Catherine M. Champagne
23. Nutrition Therapy Effectiveness for the Treatment

Preedy, Victor R. - Handbook of Food Fortification and Health, ebook

Handbook of Food Fortification and Health

Preedy, Victor R.


Champagne, Patrick Fustier
7. Yogurt Fortified with Date Fiber
Isameldin B. Hashim, Ali. H. Khalil, Hanan S. Afifi
8. Convenience Drinks Fortified with n-3 Fatty Acids: A Systematic Review
Clemens Schacky
9. Evaporated Sugarcane Juice as a Food Fortificant