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Norman, Reid L. - The Active Female, ebook

The Active Female

Norman, Reid L.


Table of contents
Part I. Focusing on Active Female’s Health Issues: Unique Gender Related Psychological and Physiological Characteristics of Females
1. Body Image Concerns Throughout the Lifespan
Jacalyn J. Robert-McComb, Marilyn Massey-Stokes
2. Reproductive Changes in the Female Lifespan
Reid L. Norman

Levy, Mitchell M. - Sepsis, ebook


Levy, Mitchell M.


Chun, Brittany A. Potz, Whitney A. Young, Alfred Ayala
5. Sepsis-Induced Immune Suppression
Nicholas Csikesz, Nicholas S. Ward
6. Molecular Targets for Therapy
Andre C. Kalil, Steven M. Opal
Part III. Part III
7. Mechanisms of Organ Dysfunction

Conrad, Kevin - Clinical Approaches to Hospital Medicine, ebook

Clinical Approaches to Hospital Medicine

Conrad, Kevin


Table of contents
Part I. Part I
1. Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Failure for Inpatient Providers
Hamang Patel, Amanda L. Bennett
2. Hospital Management of Migraine
Jose Posas, Elizabeth Verter, Yuang Wen, Alessandro Iliceto, Vi Tran, Rinu Manacheril
3. Candidemia: New Directions for Management and Treatment

Bardo, Michael T. - Inhibitory Control and Drug Abuse Prevention, ebook

Inhibitory Control and Drug Abuse Prevention

Bardo, Michael T.


Table of contents
1. Translating Research on Inhibitory Control for the Prevention of Drug Abuse
Elizabeth M. Ginexi, Elizabeth B. Robertson
2. Animal Models of Behavioral Processes that Underlie the Occurrence of Impulsive Behaviors in Humans
Jerry B. Richards, Amy M. Gancarz, Larry W. Hawk
3. Monoaminergic

Haas, Leonard J. - Handbook of Primary Care Psychology, ebook

Handbook of Primary Care Psychology

Haas, Leonard J.


Heiman & Brittany Briggs 37. Sleep disorders, Laura A. Czajkowski, Kenneth R. Casey, & Christopher R. Jones 38. Smoking, Lori Pbert, Roger Luckmann, & Judith K. Ockene 39. Somatization disorder, David Servan-Schreiber, Gary Tabas, N. Randall Kolbe & Leonard J. Haas