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Deisboeck, Thomas S. - Complex Systems Science in Biomedicine, ebook

Complex Systems Science in Biomedicine

Deisboeck, Thomas S.


Complex Adaptive Biosystems: A Multi-Scaled Approach
7. Noise in Gene Regulatory Networks
Juan M. Pedraza, Alexander Oudenaarden
8. Modeling RNA Folding
Ivo L. Hofacker, Peter F. Stadler
9. Protein Networks
Andreas Wagner
10. Electronic Cell

Prokop, Aleš - Systems Biology, ebook

Systems Biology

Prokop, Aleš


Modeling of Ill-Defined, Lack of Knowledge (Experimental) Problems in the Field of Complex Biosystems Including Identification and Validation: A Review of Enabling Technologies
6. On Different Aspects of Network Analysis in Systems Biology
Amphun Chaiboonchoe,