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Hoffman, Gary S. - Inflammatory Diseases of Blood Vessels, ebook

Inflammatory Diseases of Blood Vessels

Hoffman, Gary S.


Despite these achievements, the vasculitic diseases continue to be associated with morbidity and mortality from chronic organ damage, relapses, and the side effects of treatment. Investigations into the mechanisms of vascular inflammation may lead to a better comprehension

Gohlke, Holger - Protein-Ligand Interactions, ebook

Protein-Ligand Interactions

Gohlke, Holger


Innovative and forward-looking, this volume focuses on recent achievements in this rapidly progressing field and looks at future potential for development.
The first part provides a basic understanding of the factors governing protein-ligand interaction, followed by a comparison of the

Bailey, Steve - Athlete First: A History of the Paralympic Movement, ebook

Athlete First: A History of the Paralympic Movement

Bailey, Steve


As well as recounting factual achievements and events, the book examines the position of sport and international competition for people with a disability within their changing historical context and in relation to the Olympic Movement and able-bodied sport.

Carr, Eloise - Advancing Nursing Practice in Pain Management, ebook

Advancing Nursing Practice in Pain Management

Carr, Eloise


Each chapter looks at development of the service, challenges of implementation, evaluation of the service’s success and justifying the importance of the advanced nurse in the service’s achievements. Underlying theory is considered but the focus of each

Daneel, Mieke S. - Nematology in South Africa: A View from the 21st Century, ebook

Nematology in South Africa: A View from the 21st Century

Daneel, Mieke S.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hendrika Fourie, Robin K. Jones, Vaughan W. Spaull, Mieke S. Daneel, Dirk Waele
2. History of Nematology in Southern Africa
Albertus J. Meyer
3. Nematode Morphology and Classification
Esther Berg, Mariette Marais, Antoinette Swart
4. Techniques and Procedures