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Mechoulam, Raphael - Cannabinoids as Therapeutics, ebook

Cannabinoids as Therapeutics

Mechoulam, Raphael


Table of contents
1. Cannabis in India: ancient lore and modern medicine
Ethan Russo
2. Cannabinoid chemistry: an overview
Lumír O. Hanuš, Raphael Mechoulam
3. Cannabidiol as a potential medicine
Roger G. Pertwee
4. Endocannabinoids and regulation of fertility
Mauro Maccarrone
5. Cannabinoids

Bendjelid, Karim - Hemodynamic Monitoring in the ICU, ebook

Hemodynamic Monitoring in the ICU

Bendjelid, Karim


Table of contents
1. Blood Pressure
Raphael Giraud, Karim Bendjelid
2. Monitoring of Cardiac Output and Its Derivatives
Raphael Giraud, Karim Bendjelid
3. Hemodynamic Monitoring Techniques
Raphael Giraud, Karim Bendjelid

Pinaud, Raphael - Plasticity in the Visual System, ebook

Plasticity in the Visual System

Pinaud, Raphael


Introduction to Plasticity in the Visual System: From Genes to Circuits
Peter Weerd, Raphael Pinaud, Liisa A. Tremere
Part I.Retinal and Thalamic Plasticity
2. Synaptic Plasticity and Structural Remodeling of Rod and Cone Cells
Ellen Townes-Anderson,

Tse, Harley Y. - Drugs of Abuse, ebook

Drugs of Abuse

Tse, Harley Y.


Table of contents
1. Historical Aspects of Drugs-of-Abuse Testing in the United States
Lawrence A. Reynolds
2. Specimens for Drugs-of-Abuse Testing
Leo J. Kadehjian
3. Drug-Testing Technologies and Applications
Jane S-C. Tsai, Grace L. Lin
4. The Use of Nitrocellulose Membranes in Lateral-Flow Assays

Bonelli, Raphael M. - Psychotherapie und Spiritualität, ebook

Psychotherapie und Spiritualität

Bonelli, Raphael M.


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Michael Utsch
I. Umgang mit Sinnfragen und Transzendenz in der Psychotherapie
2. Existenzielle Krisen und Sinnfragen in der Psychotherapie
Michael Utsch
3. Begriffsbestimmungen: Religiosität oder…

Brierley, James D. - UICC Manual of Clinical Oncology, ebook

UICC Manual of Clinical Oncology

Brierley, James D.


The Manual of Clinical Oncology, Ninth Edition, published with the International Union Against Cancer (UICC), provides a concise, accessible and feasible reference covering state of art multidisciplinary clinical oncology in order to meet the needs of…

Bast, Robert C. - Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine, ebook

Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine

Bast, Robert C.


Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine, Ninth Edition, offers a balanced view of the most current knowledge of cancer science and clinical oncology practice. This all-new edition is the consummate reference source for medical oncologists, radiation oncologists,…