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Boylan, Michael - Medical Ethics, ebook

Medical Ethics

Boylan, Michael


The second edition of Medical Ethics deals accessibly with a broad range of significant issues in bioethics, and presents the reader with the latest developments. This new edition has been greatly revised and updated, with half of the sections written specifically for this new volume.An

Holland, Stephen - Public Health Ethics, ebook

Public Health Ethics

Holland, Stephen


How far should we go in protecting and promoting public health? Can we force people to give up unhealthy habits and make healthier choices? Should we stop treating smokers who refuse to give up smoking, for example, or put a tax on fatty foods and ban vending machines in schools to address the ?obesity epidemic?? Or can we nudge

Konrad, Norbert - Ethical Issues in Prison Psychiatry, ebook

Ethical Issues in Prison Psychiatry

Konrad, Norbert


Application of the AMA Code of Medical Ethics to Psychiatric Practice in Correctional Facilities and Access to Psychiatric Care in the U.S.A.
Alan R. Felthous
Part III. Conclusion
24. Conclusion
Norbert Konrad, Birgit Völlm, David N. Weisstub

Seu, Irene Bruna - Passivity Generation, ebook

Passivity Generation

Seu, Irene Bruna


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Irene Bruna Seu
2. Between Knowledge and Action: Multidisciplinary Frames and the Psychosocial
Irene Bruna Seu
3. The Web of Passivity: Everyday Morality and the Banality of a Clear Conscience

Hildt, Elisabeth - Cognitive Enhancement, ebook

Cognitive Enhancement

Hildt, Elisabeth


Better Brains or Bitter Brains? The Ethics of Neuroenhancement
Kirsten Brukamp
10. Cognitive Enhancement – To What End?
Michael Hauskeller
11. Nano-bionic Devices for the Purpose of Cognitive Enhancement: Toward a Preliminary Ethical Framework

Guttmacher, Sally - Community-Based Health Interventions, ebook

Community-Based Health Interventions

Guttmacher, Sally


Part I of the book covers the fundamentals of interventions: Intervention rationale, Target population, Community setting, Design, Collaborations and partnerships, Political and organizational influence, Evaluation, Ethics, and