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Sinard, John H. - Practical Pathology Informatics, ebook

Practical Pathology Informatics

Sinard, John H.


Table of contents
1. The Scope of Pathology Informatics
2. Desktop Computers: Hardware
3. Desktop Computers: Software
4. Networking and the Internet
5. Databases
6. Pathology LIS: Relationship to Institutional Systems
7. Evaluating Anatomic Pathology Information Systems
8. Digital Imaging in Anatomic

Dunn, Bruce E. - Telepathology, ebook


Dunn, Bruce E.


Telepathology as an Essential Networking Tool in VISN 12 of the United States Veterans Health Administration
Bruce E. Dunn, Hongyung Choi, Daniel L. Recla, Thomas R. Wisniewski
4. Teleneuropathology
Georg Hutarew
5. Applications of Virtual Microscopy

Gee, Denise W. - The SAGES Manual Transitioning to Practice, ebook

The SAGES Manual Transitioning to Practice

Gee, Denise W.


Social Media and Networking in Surgical Practice
Erin Bresnahan, Adam C. Nelson, Brian P. Jacob
12. Research: How to Set Up a Research Project
Maria S. Altieri, Aurora D. Pryor
13. Manuscript Writing
Pritam Singh, Rajesh Aggarwal
14. Grant Writing

Hainaut, Pierre - Biobanking of Human Biospecimens, ebook

Biobanking of Human Biospecimens

Hainaut, Pierre


Table of contents
1. Principles of Cryopreservation
Allison Hubel, Amy P. N. Skubitz
2. Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Biobanking
Fay Betsou
3. Economics of Biobanking
Jim Vaught, Peter H. Watson
4. Safety Issues in Biorepositories
William E. Grizzle, Jerry Fredenburgh, Katherine C.

Maclachlan, Malcolm - Disability & International Development, ebook

Disability & International Development

Maclachlan, Malcolm


Table of contents
2. From the Local to the Global: the Many Contexts of Disability and International Development
Leslie Swartz, Malcolm MacLachlan
3. The Effect of Failed States on the Well-Being and Lives of People with Disabilities
Mitchell Loeb
4. The Impact of International Human Rights Law on the National

Dreyer, Keith J. - PACS, ebook


Dreyer, Keith J.


Table of contents
I. Introduction
1. Introduction
Keith J. Dreyer, David S. Hirschorn
II. Administrative Issues
2. Introduction to RIS and PACS
Gordon Smith
3. PACS Strategic Plan and Needs Assessment
Leonard A. Levine
4. Creating the PACS Request for Proposal and Selecting a Vendor

Ball, Marion J. - Nursing Informatics, ebook

Nursing Informatics

Ball, Marion J.


Table of contents
1. Nursing Informatics: Transforming Nursing
Marion J. Ball, Judith V. Douglas, Patricia Hinton Walker, Donna DuLong
2. Strategies for Culture Change
Patricia Hinton Walker
3. TIGER Collaboratives and Diffusion
Diane J. Skiba, Donna Dulong, Susan K. Newbold
4. Networking Advancing

Bortfeld, Thomas - New Technologies in Radiation Oncology, ebook

New Technologies in Radiation Oncology

Bortfeld, Thomas


Data Formats, Networking, Archiving and Telemedicine
Karsten Eilertsen, Dag Rune Olsen
7. Clinical X-Ray Computed Tomography
Marc Kachelriess
8. 4D Imaging and Treatment Planning
Elke Rietzel, George T.Y. Chen
9. Magnetic Resonance Imaging for