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Nordenström, Jörgen - The Hunt for the Parathyroids, ebook

The Hunt for the Parathyroids

Nordenström, Jörgen

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The Hunt for the Parathyroid Gland is a part fact, part fiction overview of the discovery of the parathyroid gland by a Swedish scientist in 1880.
The discovery of the parathyroid gland in humans in 1880 by an unknown Swedish medical student, Ivar…

Mijovic, Aleksandar - Transfusion Medicine, ebook

Transfusion Medicine

Mijovic, Aleksandar


Table of contents
1. Errare Humanum Est
Aleksandar Mijovic
2. Send Another Sample, Please
Aleksandar Mijovic
3. Mosquito in the Bag
Aleksandar Mijovic
4. An Enigmatic Haplotype
Aleksandar Mijovic
5. An Unwanted Passenger
Aleksandar Mijovic
6. Persistent Anemia After Hemopoietic Cell

Ferry, Luc - On Love: A Philosophy for the Twenty-First Century, ebook

On Love: A Philosophy for the Twenty-First Century

Ferry, Luc

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All the great ideals that gave life meaning in earlier societies - God, the nation, revolution, freedom, democracy - are in disarray today, questioned by many and rejected by those who have lost faith in them. But there is another value, rooted in the birth of the modern family and in the