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Gao, Changyou - Polymeric Biomaterials for Tissue Regeneration, ebook

Polymeric Biomaterials for Tissue Regeneration

Gao, Changyou


Polymeric and Biomimetic ECM Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
Guoping Chen, Naoki Kawazoe
3. Bioactive Hydrogels and Their Applications in Regenerative Medicine
Xiaolei Nie, Yon Jin Chuah, Dongan Wang
4. Multilayer Microcapsules with Tailored Structures

Rejniak, Katarzyna A. - Systems Biology of Tumor Microenvironment, ebook

Systems Biology of Tumor Microenvironment

Rejniak, Katarzyna A.


Cell-ECM Interactions in Tumor Invasion
Xiuxiu He, Byoungkoo Lee, Yi Jiang
5. Circulating Tumor Cells: When a Solid Tumor Meets a Fluid Microenvironment
Katarzyna A. Rejniak
6. Modeling Proteolytically Driven Tumor Lymphangiogenesis
Georgios Lolas,

Prokop, Aleš - Intracellular Delivery III, ebook

Intracellular Delivery III

Prokop, Aleš


Table of contents
Part I. Introductory Chapters
1. Overview of Present Problems Facing Commercialization of Nanomedicines
Aleš Prokop, Volkmar Weissig
2. Precision Drugs and Cell-Specific Drug Delivery
Karel Petrak
Part II. EPR Effect and ECM Modification
3. Extracellular Matrix Degrading Enzymes for

Bauer, H. - Chirurgisches Forum 2007, ebook

Chirurgisches Forum 2007

Bauer, H.


Table of contents
I.. Fritz-Linder-Preisträgersitzung
1. Septische Lungenfunktionsstörungen können durch eine enterale Immunonutrition mit Olivenöl positiv beeinflusst werden
Jörg Glatzle, S. Beckert, M. S. Kasparek, M. H. Müller, T. Meile, A. Königsrainer, W. Steurer
2. Der Einfluss von Zinkmangel auf die