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Calello, Diane P. - Case Studies in Medical Toxicology, ebook

Case Studies in Medical Toxicology

Calello, Diane P.


Table of contents
1. Case 1 Laundry Pod Ingestion in an Adult
Vincent Nguyen
2. Case 2 Coma and Metabolic Acidosis
Michael D. Levine
3. Case 3 Diet Pill Ingestion in a Child
Christine Murphy, Janetta Iwanicki
4. Case 4 Salicylate Ingestion
A. Min Kang
5. Case 5 Exotic Snake Envenomation

Neal-Boylan, Leslie - Clinical Case Studies in Home Health Care, ebook

Clinical Case Studies in Home Health Care

Neal-Boylan, Leslie


Clinical Case Studies in Home Health Care uses a case-based approach to provide home health care professionals, educators, and students with a useful tool for thoughtful, holistic care.
The book begins with a thorough and accessible introduction to the principles

Frosh, Stephen - Hate and the ‘Jewish Science’, ebook

Hate and the ‘Jewish Science’

Frosh, Stephen


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stephen Frosh
Part I. Freud, Jews and Anti-Semitism
2. Freud’s Jewish Identity
Stephen Frosh
3. A Hostile World: Facing Anti-Semitism
Stephen Frosh
Part II. Psychoanalysis, Nazism and ‘Jewish…