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Changeux, Jean-Pierre - Neurobiology of Human Values, ebook

Neurobiology of Human Values

Changeux, Jean-Pierre


Table of contents
1. Creation, Art, and the Brain
Jean-Pierre Changeux
2. Did Evolution Fix Human Values?
Camilo J. Cela-Conde
3. Homo homini lupus? Morality, the Social Instincts, and our Fellow Primates
Frans B. M. Waal
4. Disorders of Social Conduct Following Damage to Prefrontal Cortices

Dougherty, Thomas J. - Antibiotic Discovery and Development, ebook

Antibiotic Discovery and Development

Dougherty, Thomas J.


Cass, Heinz E. Moser, Alisa W. Serio, George H. Miller
8. Oxazolidinone Antibacterial Agents
Michael R. Barbachyn
9. Glycopeptides and Lipoglycopeptides
F. F. Arhin, A. Belley, A. Rafai Far, D. Lehoux, G. Moeck, T. R. Parr
10. Efflux-Mediated Antimicrobial

Séradour, Brigitte - Cancer du sein : surdiagnostic, surtraitement, ebook

Cancer du sein : surdiagnostic, surtraitement

Séradour, Brigitte


Table of contents
1. Introduction
B. Séradour
2. Biological analysis of tumor growth heterogeneity
P. -M. Martin
3. Does breast cancer screening cause overdiagnosis? How to measure?
J. Fracheboud, R. Gelder, G. Draisma, E. Heijnsdijk, H. J. Koning
4. Screening and overdiagnosis: are we becoming victims