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Bertolotto, Michele - Color Doppler US of the Penis, ebook

Color Doppler US of the Penis

Bertolotto, Michele


Clinical Evaluation of Erectile Dysfunction in the Era of PDE-5 Inhibitors: The Residual Role of Penile Color Doppler US
Emanuele Belgrano, Stefano Bucci, Giovanni Liguori, Carlo Trombetta
5. US Anatomy of the Penis: Common Findings and Anatomical Variations

Gulizia, M. M. - Emerging Pathologies in Cardiology, ebook

Emerging Pathologies in Cardiology

Gulizia, M. M.


Belgrano, P. Malagutti, N. Mollet, P. Feyter
49. Multislice CT for the Study of Aortic Aneurysms
V. Magnano San Lio, E.M. Maggio
50. MRI in the Diagnosis of Right Ventricular Dysplasia
M. Midiri, M. Galia, T.V. Bartolotta