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Schultz-Cherry, Stacey - Astrovirus Research, ebook

Astrovirus Research

Schultz-Cherry, Stacey


Astrovirus Infections in Animal Mammalian Species
Giovanni Cattoli, Daniel Ka Wing Chu, Malik Peiris
9. Avian Astroviruses
Mary Pantin-Jackwood, Daniel Todd, Matthew D. Koci

Fesus, Laszlo - Transglutaminases, ebook


Fesus, Laszlo


Table of contents
1. Structure of Transglutaminases: Unique Features Serve Diverse Functions
Máté Á. Demény, Ilma Korponay-Szabó, László Fésüs
2. Control of TG Functions Depending on Their Localization
Yutaka Furutani, Soichi Kojima
3. Preferred Substrate Structure of Transglutaminases

Bunce, Chris M. - Nuclear Receptors, ebook

Nuclear Receptors

Bunce, Chris M.


Table of contents
1. Nuclear Receptors an Introductory Overview
Chris M. Bunce, Moray J. Campbell
2. What does Evolution Teach us about Nuclear Receptors?
Gabriel Markov, FranÇois Bonneton, Vincent Laudet
3. Functions of Nuclear Receptors…

Boiti, Cristiano - Trends in Veterinary Sciences, ebook

Trends in Veterinary Sciences

Boiti, Cristiano


Pain Management in Companion Animals: Medical–Legal Aspects
V. Quartarone, A. Fazio, G. della Rocca, M. Russo, A. Passantino
Part IV. Food Inspection
27. Increase of TVBN and TMA-N in Skin and Gills of Sparus aurata During Storage
A. Giuffrida, F.

Klein, Sabra L. - Sex Hormones and Immunity to Infection, ebook

Sex Hormones and Immunity to Infection

Klein, Sabra L.


Table of contents
1. Sex Differences in Susceptibility to Infection: An Evolutionary Perspective
Marlene Zuk, Andrew M. Stoehr
2. Effects of Sex Steroids on Innate and Adaptive Immunity
S. Ansar Ahmed, Ebru Karpuzoglu, Deena Khan

Dar, Tanveer Ali - Cellular Osmolytes, ebook

Cellular Osmolytes

Dar, Tanveer Ali


Table of contents
1. Osmolyte System and Its Biological Significance
Pratima Chaudhuri (Chattopadhyay), Naira Rashid, Charu Thapliyal
2. Protein-Osmolyte Interactions: Molecular Insights
Fasil Ali, Usma Manzoor, Mudasser Azam, Naseem A.…

Green, Jeffrey E. - Genetically Engineered Mice for Cancer Research, ebook

Genetically Engineered Mice for Cancer Research

Green, Jeffrey E.


Table of contents
1. Overview of Designing Genetically Engineered Mouse (GEM) Models
Thomas Doetschman, L. Philip Sanford
2. The Use of Cre–loxP Technology and Inducible Systems to Generate Mouse Models of Cancer
Chu-Xia Deng
3. Using Recombineering Technology to Create Genetically Engineered Mouse Models