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Selin, Helaine - Parenting Across Cultures, ebook

Parenting Across Cultures

Selin, Helaine


Parental Beliefs and Fathers’ and Mothers’ Roles in Malaysian Families
Ziarat Hossain
8. Parenting in Pakistan: An Overview
Riffat Moazam Zaman
9. Parenting in the Philippines
Liane Peña Alampay
10. Childrearing, Motherhood and Fatherhood

Lebow, Jay L. - Family Psychology : The Art of the Science, ebook

Family Psychology : The Art of the Science

Lebow, Jay L.


Fathers in African American families: The importance of social and cultural context, Melvin N. Wilson, Anthony L. Chambers, and LaKeesha N. Woods 15. Mothers in transition: Model based strategies for effective parenting, Bernadette