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Paolucci, Francesco - Health Care Financing and Insurance, ebook

Health Care Financing and Insurance

Paolucci, Francesco


The Design of Health Care Financing Schemes in Different Countries
Francesco Paolucci
4. The Potential for Risk Rating in Competitive Markets for Supplementary Health Insurance: An Empirical Analysis
Francesco Paolucci
5. Competition and Solidarity

Lu, Mingshan - Financing Health Care, ebook

Financing Health Care

Lu, Mingshan


Discussing international issues of health care financing, this is the first volume in a completely new public health book series, edited by the Institute of Health Economics (IHE) in Edmonton, Canada.
Starting with various funding methods, the reference

Kickbusch, Ilona - Policy Innovation for Health, ebook

Policy Innovation for Health

Kickbusch, Ilona


Table of contents
2. Policy Innovations for Health
Ilona Kickbusch
3. Intelligence for Health Governance: Innovation in the Monitoring of Health and Well-Being
Ildefonso Hernández-Aguado, Lucy Anne Parker
4. Financing for Health in All Policies
Isabelle Durand-Zaleski, Karine Chevreul, Gregoire Jeanblanc

Cimino, James J. - Biomedical Informatics, ebook

Biomedical Informatics

Cimino, James J.


Health Care Financing and Information Technology: A Historical Perspective
Sara J. Singer, Alain C. Enthoven, Alan M. Garber
24. The Future of Computer Applications in Biomedicine
Lawrence M. Fagan, Edward H. Shortliffe


Razzouk, Denise - Mental Health Economics, ebook

Mental Health Economics

Razzouk, Denise


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction of Health Economics Applied to Mental Health
1. Introduction to Mental Health Economics
Denise Razzouk
2. Methods for Measuring and Estimating Costs
Denise Razzouk
3. Outcomes Measurement for Economic Evaluation
Denise Razzouk
4. Cost-Benefit Analysis