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Carroll, Scott P. - Conservation Biology : Evolution in Action, ebook

Conservation Biology : Evolution in Action

Carroll, Scott P.


The main goal of this book is to encourage and formalize the infusion of evolutionary thinking into mainstream conservation biology. It reviews the evolutionary foundations of conservation issues, and unifies conceptual and empirical advances in evolutionary

Burroughs, John - Winter Sunshine, ebook

Winter Sunshine

Burroughs, John


A fascinating collection of writings on many naturalist and conservationist themes by American essayist John Burroughs.

Shorrocks, Bryan - The Giraffe: Biology, Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour, ebook

The Giraffe: Biology, Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour

Shorrocks, Bryan


Provides a comprehensive overview of one of nature's most engaging mammals
Covers fossil history, taxonomy, genetics, physiology, biomechanics, behavior, ecology, and conservation Includes genetic analysis of five of the six subspecies of modern giraffes Includes giraffe network studies

Magurran, Anne E. - Measuring Biological Diversity, ebook

Measuring Biological Diversity

Magurran, Anne E.


Discussion spans issues such as the meaning of community in the context of ecological diversity, scales of diversity and distribution of diversity among taxa Highlights advances in measurement paying particular attention to new techniques such as species richness estimation, application of measures of

Gaston, Kevin J. - Biodiversity: An Introduction, ebook

Biodiversity: An Introduction

Gaston, Kevin J.



This concise introductory text provides a complete overview of biodiversity - what it is, how it arose, its distribution, why it is important, human impact upon it, and what should be done to maintain it. Timely…