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Agarwal, Rashmi Avinash - Waste to Wealth, ebook

Waste to Wealth

Agarwal, Rashmi Avinash


Table of contents
1. Biopolymers from Wastes to High-Value Products in Biomedicine
Bernardo Bayón, Ignacio Rivero Berti, Ana M. Gagneten, Guillermo R. Castro
2. Biosurfactants from Processed Wastes
Seba George, K. Jayachandran
3. Synthesis…

Clark, Chuck - Aircraft Fuel Systems, ebook

Aircraft Fuel Systems

Clark, Chuck


All aspects of fuel products and systems including fuel handling, quantity gauging and management functions for both commercial (civil) and military applications.
The fuel systems on board modern aircraft are multi-functional, fully integrated complex networks. They are designed to provide

Maro, Pendo - Environmental Change in Lesotho, ebook

Environmental Change in Lesotho

Maro, Pendo


The Wealth of Knowledge: Drivers and Consequencies of Land-Use Change
Pendo Maro
3. Lesotho: Macro to Micro Perspectives of Land-Use Change
Pendo Maro
4. Village Perceptions of Land-Use Change
Pendo Maro
5. Village Patterns of Land-Use Change

Karaman, Marilyn - Applied Colloid and Surface Chemistry, ebook

Applied Colloid and Surface Chemistry

Karaman, Marilyn


The text includes keynote sections written by practicing industrial research scientists, bringing to the reader a wealth of real industrial examples. These examples range from water treatment through to soil management as well

Moss, Brian - Ecology of Fresh Waters: A View for the Twenty-First Century, ebook

Ecology of Fresh Waters: A View for the Twenty-First Century

Moss, Brian


Designed for undergraduate and early postgraduate students who wish to gain an overall view of this vast subject area, this accessible guide to freshwater ecosystems and man's activities will also be invaluable to anyone interested in the integrated management of freshwaters.

Norris, Michelle - Housing Contemporary Ireland, ebook

Housing Contemporary Ireland

Norris, Michelle


Housing Expenditures, Housing Poverty and Housing Wealth: Irish Home Owners Brian Nolan In Comparative Context
Tony Fahey, Brian Nolan
III. The Private Rented Sector
5. The Private Rented Sector
Yvonne Galligan
6. Uneven Development and the Private