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Buse, Ralph - Valuation and Conservation of Biodiversity, ebook

Valuation and Conservation of Biodiversity

Buse, Ralph


Will companies engage in the conservation of biodiversity? A prototypical model of aggregated pro-biodiverse actions of industrial companies
Ralph Buse
Part II.Local, regional and nationwide perspectives on the Convention on Biological Diversity: Examples from

Brouwer, Floor M. - Environmental and Agricultural Modeling:, ebook

Environmental and Agricultural Modeling:

Brouwer, Floor M.


A Web-Based Software System for Model Integration in Impact Assessments of Agricultural and Environmental Policies
Jan-Erik Wien, Andrea Emilio Rizzoli, Rob Knapen, Ioannis Athanasiadis, Sander Janssen, Lorenzo Ruinelli, Ferdinando Villa, Mats Svensson, Patrik

Kallsen, Jan - Advanced Modelling in Mathematical Finance, ebook

Advanced Modelling in Mathematical Finance

Kallsen, Jan


Three Non-Gaussian Models of Dependence in Returns
Dilip B. Madan
6. Estimation of Correlation Between Latent Processes
Akitoshi Kimura, Nakahiro Yoshida
7. Hunting for Black Swans in the European Banking Sector Using Extreme Value Analysis