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Tubbs, Robert - Hilbert's Seventh Problem, ebook

Hilbert's Seventh Problem

Tubbs, Robert


The transcendence of e, ? and e^{sqrt 2 }
Robert Tubbs
3. Three partial solutions
Robert Tubbs
4. Gelfond’s solution
Robert Tubbs
5. Schneider’s solution
Robert Tubbs
6. Hilbert’s seventh problem and transcendental functions

Borwein, Jonathan M. - Number Theory and Related Fields, ebook

Number Theory and Related Fields

Borwein, Jonathan M.


Table of contents
1. Life and Mathematics of Alfred Jacobus van der Poorten (1942–2010)
David Hunt
2. Ramanujan–Sato-Like Series
Gert Almkvist, Jesús Guillera
3. On the Sign of the Real Part of the Riemann Zeta Function
Juan Arias Reyna, Richard P. Brent, Jan Lune
4. Additive Combinatorics: With

Sander, Jürgen - From Arithmetic to Zeta-Functions, ebook

From Arithmetic to Zeta-Functions

Sander, Jürgen


Table of contents
1. Forbidden Integer Ratios of Consecutive Power Sums
Ioulia N. Baoulina, Pieter Moree
2. A Note on the Negative Pell Equation
Valentin Blomer
3. Localisation Conditionnelle de Diviseurs
Régis Bretèche, Gérald Tenenbaum
4. A Ternary Problem in Additive Prime Number Theory

Goldfeld, Dorian - Number Theory, Analysis and Geometry, ebook

Number Theory, Analysis and Geometry

Goldfeld, Dorian


Table of contents
1. Raynaud’s group-scheme and reduction of coverings
Dan Abramovich, Jonathan Lubin
2. The modular degree, congruence primes, and multiplicity one
Amod Agashe, Kenneth A. Ribet, William A. Stein
3. Le théorème de Siegel–Shidlovsky revisité
Daniel Bertrand
4. Some aspects of