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Bull, Alan T. - Forest Diversity and Management, ebook

Forest Diversity and Management

Bull, Alan T.


Dynamics in natural mixed-beech forest of the Upper Vosges
D. Closset-Kopp, A. Schnitzler, D. Aran
3. The effects of climate change on the long-term conservation of Fagus grandifolia var. mexicana, an important species of the Cloud Forest

Kole, Chittaranjan - Forest Trees, ebook

Forest Trees

Kole, Chittaranjan


Table of contents
1. Populus Trees
Anne M. Rae, Nathaniel R. Street, Maricela Rodríguez-Acosta
2. Pines
C. Plomion, D. Chagné, D. Pot, S. Kumar, P. L. Wilcox, R. D. Burdon, D. Prat, D. G. Peterson, J. Paiva, P. Chaumeil, G. G. Vendramin, F. Sebastiani, C. D. Nelson, C. S. Echt, O. Savolainen, T.

Noormets, Asko - Phenology of Ecosystem Processes, ebook

Phenology of Ecosystem Processes

Noormets, Asko


Climatic and Phenological Controls of the Carbon and Energy Balances of Three Contrasting Boreal Forest Ecosystems in Western Canada
Alan Barr, T. Andrew Black, Harry McCaughey
3. Characterizing the Seasonal Dynamics of Plant Community Photosynthesis Across

Péter, Gábor - Biodiversity and Ecophysiology of Yeasts, ebook

Biodiversity and Ecophysiology of Yeasts

Péter, Gábor


Yeast Communities in Tropical Rain Forests in Brazil and other South American Ecosystems
Paula B. Morais, Fernando C. Pagnocca, Carlos A. Rosa
19. The Biogeographic Diversity of Cactophilic Yeasts
William T. Starmer, Virginia Aberdeen, Marc-André Lachance

McLellan, Benjamin - Sustainable Future for Human Security, ebook

Sustainable Future for Human Security

McLellan, Benjamin


Revegetation Prospects on Ex-illegal Gold Mining Sites Using Secondary Forest Seedling Materials
Wiwik Ekyastuti, Emi Roslinda
2. Hydrological Processes in Different Types of Teak (Tectona grandis L.) Plantation
Hatma Suryatmojo, M. Ali Imron
3. Sustainability

Akeroyd, John - Nature Conservation, ebook

Nature Conservation

Akeroyd, John


The Reasons in Favour of Setting Up a New Natural Reserve in the Black Sea Shore Area Between North and South Eforie (ConstantA County)
Marius Fãgãras, Rodica Bercu, Loreley Jianu
11. Assessment of the Vascular Flora Conservation Through Specific Indices

Luo, Shi Ming - Allelopathy in Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, ebook

Allelopathy in Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry

Luo, Shi Ming


Table of contents
Part 1. History
1. Historical Examples of Allelopathy and Ethnobotany from the Mediterranean Region
Giovanni Aliotta, Azim U. Mallik, Antonino Pollio
2. Allelopathy: Advances, Challenges and Opportunities
Azim U. Mallik
3. Allelopathy in Chinese Ancient and Modern Agriculture