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Beeching, Nick - Lecture Notes: Tropical Medicine, ebook

Lecture Notes: Tropical Medicine

Beeching, Nick


Lecture Notes: Tropical Medicine is a comprehensive introduction to tropical medicine. The new edition is in full colour throughout with over 40 colour images integrated with the text. There is a new chapter on syndromes of undernutrition (in both children…

Kwa, Boo H. - The Parasite Chronicles, ebook

The Parasite Chronicles

Kwa, Boo H.


Table of contents
1. Parasites and Tiger Snakes
Boo H. Kwa
2. Tapeworms Down Under and Elsewhere
Boo H. Kwa
3. Cysticercosis: The Ides of March
Boo H. Kwa
4. Trematodes: It Was Just a Fluke
Boo H. Kwa
5. Schistosomiasis: Napoleon, Snails and Stalemate Across the Taiwan Straits
Boo H. Kwa

Mehlhorn, Heinz - Nature Helps..., ebook

Nature Helps...

Mehlhorn, Heinz


The Efficacy of Extracts from Plants – Especially from Coconut and Onion – Against Tapeworms, Trematodes, and Nematodes
Heinz Mehlhorn, Gülendem Aksu, Katja Fischer, Bianca Strassen, Fathy Abdel Ghaffar, Khaled A. S. Al-Rasheid, Sven Klimpel
6. Curcumin:

Cole, Theodor C. H. - Wörterbuch der Wirbellosen / Dictionary of Invertebrates, ebook

Wörterbuch der Wirbellosen / Dictionary of Invertebrates

Cole, Theodor C. H.


Plathelminthes (Plattwürmer), Rotatoria (Rädertiere), Nematomorpha (Saitenwürmer), Nemertini (Schnurwürmer), Acanthocephala (Kratzer), Chaetognatha (Pfeilwürmer), Phoronida (Hufeisenwürmer), Gastrotricha (Bauchhärlinge), Enteropneusta (Eichelwürmer), Pterobranchia (Flügelkiemer) – Platyhelminthes