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Jensen, Bjarne Bruun - Participation and Learning, ebook

Participation and Learning

Jensen, Bjarne Bruun


Participation and Learning: Developing Perspectives on Education and the Environment, Health and Sustainability
Alan Reid, Bjarne Bruun Jensen, Jutta Nikel, Venka Simovska
2. Stepping Back from ‘The Ladder’: Refl ections on a Model of Participatory Work

Susman, Kathleen M. - Discovery-Based Learning in the Life Sciences, ebook

Discovery-Based Learning in the Life Sciences

Susman, Kathleen M.


As a gateway science for many undergraduate students, biology courses are crucial to addressing many of the challenges we face, such as climate change, sustainable food supply and fresh water and emerging public health issues.
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Dębowska, Ewa - Key Competences in Physics Teaching and Learning, ebook

Key Competences in Physics Teaching and Learning

Dębowska, Ewa


Analysing the Conceptions on Modelling of Engineering Undergraduate Students: A Case Study Using Cluster Analysis
Claudio Fazio, Onofrio Rosario Battaglia, Benedetto Di Paola, Dominique Persano Adorno
8. Classroom Evidence of Teachers’ PCK of the Interplay