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 - Writing for Earth Scientists: 52 Lessons in Academic Publishing, ebook

Writing for Earth Scientists: 52 Lessons in Academic Publishing


This book is composed of numerous short chapters on this subject, all directly relevant to one or more aspects of academic publishing and aimed particularly at the Earth scientists in the broadest sense. Geologists will be encouraged to use the book as much as a reference

Oliver, Margaret A. - Geostatistics for Environmental Scientists, ebook

Geostatistics for Environmental Scientists

Oliver, Margaret A.


Geostatistics is essential for environmental scientists. Weather and climate vary from place to place, soil varies at every scale at which it is examined, and even man-made attributes – such as the distribution of pollution – vary. The techniques used in geostatistics are ideally

Stewart, C. Neal - Research Ethics for Scientists: A Companion for Students, ebook

Research Ethics for Scientists: A Companion for Students

Stewart, C. Neal


Research Ethics for Scientists is about best practices in all the major areas of research management and practice that are common to scientific researchers, especially those in academia. Aimed towards the younger scientist, the book critically examines the key areas that continue to plague

Maurits, Natasha - Math for Scientists, ebook

Math for Scientists

Maurits, Natasha


Table of contents
1. Numbers and Mathematical Symbols
Natasha Maurits
2. Equation Solving
Branislava Ćurčić-Blake
3. Trigonometry
Natasha Maurits
4. Vectors
Natasha Maurits
5. Matrices
Natasha Maurits
6. Limits…

Burger, Joanna - Stakeholders and Scientists, ebook

Stakeholders and Scientists

Burger, Joanna


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Stakeholders and Science
Joanna Burger
2. Minority Participation in Environmental and Energy Decision Making
James H. Johnson
3. Energy Diversity: Options and Stakeholders
Michael Gochfeld

Brotherton, Michael - Science Fiction by Scientists, ebook

Science Fiction by Scientists

Brotherton, Michael


Table of contents
1. Down and Out
Ken Wharton
2. The Tree of Life
Jennifer Rohn
3. Supernova Rhythm
Andrew Fraknoi
4. Turing de Force
Edward M. Lerner
5. Neural Alchemist
Tedd Roberts
6. Hidden Variables

Gascuel, Olivier - Mathematics of Evolution and Phylogeny, ebook

Mathematics of Evolution and Phylogeny

Gascuel, Olivier


This book of contributed chapters is authored by renowned scientists and covers recent results in the highly topical area of mathematics in evolution and phylogeny. Each chapter is a detailed overview of a specific topic, from the underlying concepts to... Copying to clipboard limited

Press, S. James - The Subjectivity of Scientists and the Bayesian Approach, ebook

The Subjectivity of Scientists and the Bayesian Approach

Press, S. James


Comparing and contrasting the reality of subjectivity in the work of history's great scientists and the modern Bayesian approach to statistical analysis
Scientists and researchers are taught to analyze their data from an objective point of view, allowing the data to speak for themselves