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Brams, Steven J. - Superior Beings If They Exist How Would We Know?, ebook

Superior Beings If They Exist How Would We Know?

Brams, Steven J.


The Rationality of Belief in a Superior Being
3. Omniscience and Partial Omniscience
4. The Paradox of Omniscience and the Theory of Moves
5. Omnipotence: Moving and Staying Power
6. Immortality and Incomprehensibility
7. Superior Beings: They May Be

Shimura, Goro - Modular Forms: Basics and Beyond, ebook

Modular Forms: Basics and Beyond

Shimura, Goro


The Rationality and Eisenstein Series
Goro Shimura
4. The Correspondence between Forms of Integral and Half-integral Weight
Goro Shimura
5. The Arithmeticity of Critical Values of Dirichlet Series
Goro Shimura

Primas, Hans - Knowledge and Time, ebook

Knowledge and Time

Primas, Hans


Table of contents
Part I. Knowledge
1. Introduction
Hans Primas
2. Boolean Descriptions
Hans Primas
3. Non-Boolean Descriptions
Hans Primas
4. Rationality and Creativity
Hans Primas
5. Modes of Knowing in Mathematics
Hans Primas
6. Bottom-Up Approaches in Physics
Hans Primas

Saporito, Emanuela - Consensus Building Versus Irreconcilable Conflicts, ebook

Consensus Building Versus Irreconcilable Conflicts

Saporito, Emanuela


Table of contents
1. New Challenges for Participatory Approaches in Spatial Planning
Emanuela Saporito
2. Looking for a Way Out. Three Models of Participative Planning: The “Conflictual”, “Consensual” and “Trading Zone” Approaches
Emanuela Saporito
3. A Case of Complexity in Urban Planning: The

Marko¿, Anton - Life as Its Own Designer, ebook

Life as Its Own Designer

Marko¿, Anton


Roots of Rationality and Hermeneutics
Anton Markoš, Filip Grygar, László Hajnal, Karel Kleisner, Zdeněk Kratochvíl, Zdeněk Neubauer
3. Co-creators of the World
Anton Markoš, Filip Grygar, László Hajnal, Karel Kleisner, Zdeněk Kratochvíl, Zdeněk

Gan, Wee Teck - Eisenstein Series and Applications, ebook

Eisenstein Series and Applications

Gan, Wee Teck


A Simple Proof of Rationality of Siegel-Weil Eisenstein Series
Michael Harris
6. Residues of Eisenstein Series and Related Problems
Dihua Jiang
7. Some Extensions of the Siegel-Weil Formula
Stephen S. Kudla
8. A Remark on Eisenstein Series

Morin, Jean-Frédéric - Foreign Policy Analysis, ebook

Foreign Policy Analysis

Morin, Jean-Frédéric


How Does Rationality Apply to FPA and What Are Its Limitations?
Jean-Frédéric Morin, Jonathan Paquin
8. What Part Does Culture Play in FPA?
Jean-Frédéric Morin, Jonathan Paquin
9. Does the International Structure Explain Foreign Policy?