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Fridman, A.E. - The Quality of Measurements, ebook

The Quality of Measurements

Fridman, A.E.


Table of contents
1. Basic Concepts in Metrology
A. E. Fridman
2. Measurement Errors
A. E. Fridman
3. Measurement Uncertainty
A. E. Fridman
4. Methods for Estimation of Measurement Results and Their Uncertainties
A. E. Fridman
5. The International System of Units: SI
A. E. Fridman

Singh, Vijay P - Water Quality Management, ebook

Water Quality Management

Singh, Vijay P


Impact of Hydrocarbon Pollutants on Partially Saturated Soil Media in Batch System: Morphological Analysis Using SEM Techniques
Pankaj Kumar Gupta, Abhishek, Brijesh Kumar Yadav
13. Kitchen Greywater Treatment in a Constructed Wetland Microcosm Using Aquatic

Biemer, Paul P. - Survey Measurement and Process Quality, ebook

Survey Measurement and Process Quality

Biemer, Paul P.


An in-depth look at current issues, new research findings, andinterdisciplinary exchange in survey methodology andprocessing

Survey Measurement and Process Quality extends the marriage oftraditional survey issues and continuous quality improvementfurther

Quevauviller, Philippe - Quality Assurance for Water Analysis, ebook

Quality Assurance for Water Analysis

Quevauviller, Philippe


Quality assurance (QA) has become an increasingly important topic, as environmental monitoring bodies realize that accuracy of measurements can depend very much on how the measurement is taken. This book will describe methods in light of all of the European, US, and international (ISO) guidelines

Ansari, Abid A. - Eutrophication: Causes, Consequences and Control, ebook

Eutrophication: Causes, Consequences and Control

Ansari, Abid A.


Phytoplankton Assemblages as an Indicator of Water Quality in Seven Temperate Estuarine Lakes in South-East Australia
Dongyan Liu, R. J. Morrison, R. J. West
15. Biogeochemical Indicators of Nutrient Enrichments in Wetlands: The Microbial Response as a Sensitive