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Fort, Monique - Landscapes and Landforms of France, ebook

Landscapes and Landforms of France

Fort, Monique


The Seine River from Ile-de-France to Normandy: Geomorphological and Cultural Landscapes of a Large Meandering Valley
Jean-Pierre Peulvast, François Bétard, Christian Giusti
4. The High Normandy Chalk Cliffs: An Inspiring

Andreo, Bartolomé - Advances in Research in Karst Media, ebook

Advances in Research in Karst Media

Andreo, Bartolomé


Table of contents
1. Sustainable Water Resources with Case Studies in Historic Areas in Egypt and Syria
J.W. LaMoreaux
2. Resources Assessment of a Small Karstic Mediterranean Aquifer (South-Eastern, Spain)
J.M. Andreu, P. Martínez-Santos, A. Pulido-Bosch, E. García-Sánchez
3. Sensitivity Analysis of APLIS

Margottini, Claudio - Landslide Science and Practice, ebook

Landslide Science and Practice

Margottini, Claudio


Table of contents
Part I. Risk Management in a Multi-Hazard Environment
1. Risk Profiles and Hazards for the Black Sea Area
Boyko Ranguelov
2. Risk Concept Switzerland Hazard Analysis, Risk Evaluation and Protection Measures
Tobler Daniel, Bernhard Krummenacher
3. Landslide Risk Assessment and Management

Ceccaldi, Hubert-Jean - Global Change: Mankind-Marine Environment Interactions, ebook

Global Change: Mankind-Marine Environment Interactions

Ceccaldi, Hubert-Jean


Table of contents
1. A Few Examples of the Many Approaches to Salmon Resource Creation in Japan
E. Hasegawa, T. Saito, T. Kaga, T. Suzuki
2. Trials on New Methods for Seed Culture in Japanese Abalones
Y. Koike, A. E. Stott, F. Ahmed, T. Takeuchi, C. Strussman, M. Yokota, S. Segawa, S. Watanabe
3. A Multidisciplinary