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Salwak, Dale - Writers and Their Mothers, ebook

Writers and Their Mothers

Salwak, Dale


No Villainous Mother—The Life of Eva Larkin
Philip Pullen
9. Robert Lowell: Trapped in Charlotte’s Web
Jeffrey Meyers
Part II. Autobiographical
10. Mother Tongue: A Memoir
Ian McEwan
11. ‘Persistent Ghost’
Anthony Thwaite

Bardi, Ugo - The Seneca Effect, ebook

The Seneca Effect

Bardi, Ugo


The Mother of All Collapses: The Fall of Rome
Ugo Bardi
3. Of Collapses Large and Small
Ugo Bardi
4. Managing Collapse
Ugo Bardi
5. Conclusion
Ugo Bardi

Forest, Etienne - From Tracking Code to Analysis, ebook

From Tracking Code to Analysis

Forest, Etienne


The Nonlinear Spin-Orbital Phase Advance: The Mother of All Algorithms
Etienne Forest
8. Deprit-Guignard Perturbation Theory Faithful to the Code
Etienne Forest
9. Here Is the Conclusion of This Book
Etienne Forest
10. Phasors Basis: Why Do

Midgley, Mary - Earthy Realism, ebook

Earthy Realism

Midgley, Mary


GAIA, named after the ancient Greek mother-goddess, is the notion that the Earth and the life on it form an active, self-maintaining whole. By its use of personification it attacks the view that the physical world is inert and lifeless. It has a scientific side, as shown by the new university

UNKNOWN - The Childhood Environment and Adult Disease, ebook

The Childhood Environment and Adult Disease



Explores links between early growth and the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and coronary heart disease in adult life; poor growth of babies and inadequate growth and nutrition of mothers; and levels of blood cholesterol and clotting factors. Other chapters consider